Celebrating 247 Years of Amercian Independence!

The Texan Chamber of Commerce in Brazil extends heartfelt congratulations to the United States of America on the commemoration of its 247th Independence Day.

On this significant occasion, we honor the remarkable journey of a nation that exemplifies the principles of freedom, democracy, and progress.

Since its foundation, the United States has consistently demonstrated resilience and determination in overcoming challenges.

The vision of the Founding Fathers, coupled with the unwavering commitment of its citizens, has shaped America into a symbol of opportunity and inspiration worldwide.

The state of Texas, with its vast territory and rich history, plays a crucial role in the trajectory of the United States.

In addition to its stunning landscapes and unique culture, Texas is an economic pillar of the country, with energy, technology, agriculture, and trade industries driving growth and prosperity.

The Texan Chamber of Commerce in Brazil takes pride in promoting trade relations between Texas and Brazil, recognizing the importance of economic and cultural exchange between these regions. United by an entrepreneurial spirit, we seek to strengthen partnerships and foster mutual development.

Happy 4th of July to our American friends and partners.

May this Independence Day mark the beginning of a prosperous year filled with continued achievements, both for the United States and its global partners.

Autor: Câmara Texana

A Câmara Texana de Comércio no Brasil tem por objetivo promover a relação comercial de seus associados brasileiros no estado do Texas e reciprocamente de seus associados norte americanos no Brasil.

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